For Sale: Laser II Sailboat, For Sale in Austin, TX

Laser 2 Sailboat For Sale $1000 (Still for Sale as of May 13th)

This is a 1980s Laser 2 that’s solid and extremely fast and fun. It’s has one set of sails (main/jib). It has a trailer. This boat really is a wild ride in strong winds. It is a great boat to learn to sail on or play around with during the summer.

This boat is a roller coaster if you have a person that can hike out on the trapeze and another one that has some tiller control. You can have it riding on its side.

My friends are no longer the acrobatic types to sail this boat any more. And my girlfriend WILL NOT be hit in the head with the boom.

It is also great to learn the fundamentals of sailing on. Every Sailer at some point Sails a Laser or a laser II. (Laser 2)

There boat doesnt need any major work. Not everything on the boat is in great condition. But we could sail it this weekend. It is an 1981. The Trailer is fine. I bought it in Iowa where I grew up. And it was the first boat my dad and I did not own together. I have had it 9 years. I knew the previous owner. A Friend of my dads.
It needs:
1. one boat trailer tire goes flat after a week – Currant one will get you to the lake, I bring the bike pump.
2. one baton comes out of the main
3. and needs some lines/ropes replaced as sailed
4. plus 2 bodies to sail her

Laser 2 and man on trapeze

Photos are not of my boat but are exactly what it looks like. Mine has purple multi colored sails.


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9 responses to “For Sale: Laser II Sailboat, For Sale in Austin, TX

  1. Mike Savage

    I’m very interested in your sailboat. Is it still for sale?

  2. Mike the boat is still available. Let me know know if you would like to set up a time to come look at it. I am happy to answer any questions.

  3. david g

    Still have the boat? Contact info.

  4. Jim

    Can the boat be sailed by one person?
    Does the boat have a spinniker?

  5. The Laser 2 I am selling doesn’t have a spinnaker. This Laser 2 can be single handed by one person on the water. You can sail it. With just the main sail or the main and the Jib. It is very simple and smooth. Yet fast and fun!

  6. Greg Savage

    Spoke with my brother Mike Savage about this boat. I live in Austin and would like to set up a time to see it this week. Would Thursday around lunchtime work for you? If so, please shoot me an email with the address. Thanks,

  7. Rob Savage

    Looking forward to ridin’ high and fast!

  8. The boat is sold. Thanks for the interest.

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